Bar Cutting Machine
Code : BUILD- 50 For 6mm - 42 mm Dia Rebar
BuildCons TMT bar Cutting machine is largely demanded in various construction Machinery industries. High endurance and rust free are the unique features that are depicted by our TMT bar cutting machines. These rebar cutting machines can easily cut rebars and TMT bars of various dimensions and are made available in various dimensions that are to suit your process and site conditions. high quality, durability, reliability and cost effective Machine.

Bending rebar Diameter 6 mm to 40 mm
Frequency of shock cutting 28times/min
Motor power 4Kw, Voltage : 415V
Motor Speed 2880r/min
Total weight 550kg

Key features :
  • Capacity: 42 mm Dia. Rebar.
  • Clutch system is provided for safety purpose.
  • Blade can be easily replace
  • Shell/Body of our BUILD50 Rebar Cutting Machine is made of Premium raw material cast Iron to attain highest standard of the outer shell of the machine.
  • Rollers are provided to facilitate transfer of the rebar over top of the machine’s head.
  • Cutting Blades are covered with the protective metal sheet to provide better safety norms.
  • Our BUILD50 is the best quality produced in China & Cannot be compare with any Chinese machines on the quality standards. Our BUILD50 can cut 6 mm to 42 mm Rebar all the time
  • Our BUILD50 is Provided with M.C.B. & Protective Cover
  • No skilled required.
  • No worry about labour
  • Save time and money.

    Bar Cutting Machine

    Code : BUILD-40
    Bar Cutting Machine(BUILD-40) is fit to cut a lot of steels used in various concrete structures of construction projects, such as common carbon steel, hot and cold-rolled round steel, deformed steel bar, as well as flat steel, square steel and angle steel. It is capable of cutting the steels with a diameter of $6mm to $32mm.

    Bending rebar Diameter 6 mm to 32 mm
    Frequency of shock cutting 32times/min
    Motor power 3KW voltage : 415 V
    Motor Speed 2880 r/min
    Total weight 400 Kg

    Key Features:
    • Special tool steel cutting blades are carefully heat treated for a longer cutting life.
    • Clutch system is provided for safety purpose.
    • Blade can be easily replace.
    • Save time and money.


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