Automatic Rebar Shaping Machine
Code : BUILD50
Automatic rebar shaping machine is compact sized, easy to maintain and technically advance. These are simply designed with high load bearing capacity of carrying 5 tons of raw materials, which easily reduces the manual labour. These ensure maximum efficiency with a working unit in the same time to bend over, and it bending the host when the other two works. Its centre is especially designed for rebar bending. These are fully automatic two headed machine, very easy to install, operate and maintain. Straightened with servo motor, these can be digitally controlled to realize bending length. Precisely engineered these machines provide high positioning precision and high speed response. Its head is designed to adapt to hydraulic clamping unit to realize large clamping force and high position precision and the bending plate and center axis pin is available with different specifications as per the exact requirements. These find their wide applications to make sure rebar head place and to reach a stable and high precision these are controlled by servo motor. These are very easy to handle and acclaimed for consistent performance.

Technical specifications:
Bending speed 8-12 [rpm]
Benders no° 2
Benders moving speed 30-60 [m/min] (servo motor)
Min. bending side length(distance between two mandrels) 1,100 [m] for φ12
Max. bending side length(distance between two mandrels) 11,000 [m] for φ12
Min. bending angle Upward bending 180º
Downward bending 120º
Min. bar length 1,250 [mm]
Accuracy of bending angle ±1°
Conveyor load capacity 1,500 [KG]
Power supply voltage 380 [V] – 50[Hz]
Total power 24 [KW]
Total weight 6.0 [M.T.]
Bending capacity Double direction: φ10-φ32, single direction: φ10-φ50
Bars diameter 10 12 14 16 20 25 28 32 36 40 50
Bending bars no° (sb=455Mpa) 8 7 6 5 4 3 3 2 2 1 1

Key Features:

  • Suitable for maximum bar length 12m.
  • Maximum carrying capacity 1,500Kg.
  • Motorized roller-type conveyor.
  • Equipped with pneumatically operated lifting device for bars feeding to benders.
  • Two mobile benders, servomotor drive, equipped with rails for benders traverse.
  • Pneumatically operated discharge unit, transfer shaped bars to storage rack.
  • One stop plate for zeroing bars.


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